Wrist Shot Tips

Wrist Shots are an effective way to scores goals as How to Hockey explains the technique in this video.

- top of stick should be in the palm of the hand with an overhand grip (check for the v on your hands)

- bottom hand should be approx hip width, not too low or too close to top hand.

- hands away from body, top hand out front to start the shot

- weight transfers from back to front foot, shoulder drops into flexing the stick, hips open up and square to net

Have fun and Keep Practicing!

shoot like Phil Kessel

Phil Kessel is a master of shooting off his 'wrong' foot. 

Shooting off the inside foot has many benefits as Coach Jeremy goes over in this video.

- Get hands away from body: puts stick in front of puck, allows you to lean and flex the stick adding potential energy

- Pull back with the Top hand/ Push forward with the Bottom hand, creating a quick snap

- You need to have a stick you can flex 

This is a great shot for changing the angle on the goalie and defender. Practice it at Home!

Measuring Stick Length

Stick length is a custom choice but there are some basics that should be considered as mentioned in this video.

Players should stand in skates, measure from the ice to the top of the sternum. A long stick will prevent the player from having good knee bend. A properly measured stick will cause the hands to be away from the body and make puck handling easier. When the player is in a 'ready' stance the Lie of the blade should be flat along the ice. 

Keep in mind Cost doesn't always = better


Support Material for Players

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